Production of concrete poles for agricultural needs


Description of the project
Investment project was implemented with participation of JSC “Development Corporation of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic”.
Within the framework of the project, a production facility was built and technological equipment was purchased for the production of concrete posts used in intensive gardening. Organisation has established activities for production of trellis posts and for supply of components, materials and agricultural equipment for intensive gardening.
Project location: Baksanskiy district
Total cost of the project: 93 million rubles
Project status: investment project has been completed
Project implementation period: 2009
CEO: Dyachkina Alla Borisovna
Contact Information:
Address: Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Baksanskiy district, Kishpek vil., along the Federal highway "Kavkaz" 438 km
tel: 8 928 717 24 16
website: http://baziskbr.ru